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The new has a clear and concise business objective—to allow consumers around the world to conveniently buy quality goods directly from China at factory prices.

Many websites successfully operate international B2B e-commerce platforms in China, but none of them is built from the ground up as will be to reach both corporate and individual consumers alike, anywhere in the world, through a flexible, third generation state-of-the art international e-commerce infra-structure based on scalable, proven architecture, with a rich and inviting user interface. will be a complete, industrial strength proprietary B2BB2C e-commerce platform, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of transactions a day in a full-mode export system.

For consumers, will be an easy way to find a variety of products that are being made in china, and not a limited selection, for prices that are in most cases a fraction of retail or wholesale prices, even after shipment charges and duty are added. And why is that? Because will cut the middlemen: no agents, distributors, salesmen or retailers will be between the factory and the consumer: only, guaranteeing the transaction to all the parties involved.

All factories will be selected by our trained team of factory representatives, and only the best factories in each category will be allowed to be part of is being conceived in a way that consumers will TRUST they will get what they are shopping for, with escrowed payments and clear return policies. experienced a first round of funding. If you are an investor, please contact us now to learn more about us and part of the company, which will forever change our procurement from China.