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sell    Rubber Tyre Mobile Boat Gantry Crane For Sale/ Marine Travel Lift
Post Date: 2017-01-06 21:33:16     Expiry Date: 2017-07-06

Product Description Of Mobile Travel Lift Boat Hoist Rubber Tyre Mobile Boat Gantry Crane For Sale/ Marine Travelling Lift Travelift Rubber Tyre Mobile Boat Hoist is apply in water sport meetings, aquatic clubs, voyages and so on. This crane is usually used to transporting boats or yachts into or out of shore side water channel to maintain or launch, cranes composed by hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, wheel sets, electrical control system and hydraulic transmission system. It's adopt structure form is open box shape and able to transport boats that are higher than the crane itself. Rubber Tyre Mobile Travel Lift Boat Hoist Mobile Boat Hoist features: • Capacity: 10 tons ~ 900 tons • Size requirements: needed to be designed as customer's boat size • MBH or Mobile Boat Hauler • Hydraulic & Electric drive • Full frequency conversion • Cabin & Remote control • 270 and 360 degree concentric steering • Usage for boat, yacht transfer • In repair yard, Shipyard, Dock 1.Electrical system uses PLC frequency adjustment which can easily control every mechanism; 2. Electrical equipment: Electric systems are Siemens brand or Schneider brand! What's more, we adopted Inverter, PLC and CMMS ( fault monitor system). 3.Adopt hydraulic drive unit, satisfy 2.5% slope working condition 4.Using the load sensing control technique, output power will changes timely according to the actual use of power,high energy saving and environmental protection.

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