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buy    office A4 paper
Post Date: 2019-10-20 05:10:04     Expiry Date: 2020-04-20

Office Supplies
Good day. My name is VLADIMIR, I am from Russia. My company supplies office A4 paper to various organizations in our region. At the moment we are looking for foreign suppliers. Ready to buy from 20 to 100 tons per month. If we are satisfied with the price, we are ready to increase the volume every month. We also participate in government procurement, which will also allow us to quickly increase the volume of purchases. write your terms. We can become a distributor of your products in Russia. Paper specifications: millimeters A4 210x297; the number of sheets per pack 500; weight per 1 g / m2 - 80; micron thickness is 104-113; bending stiffness, MD, mH 125; Bending stiffness, cd, mH 55; Surface roughness, ml / min 160- 250; Whiteness CIE% 146-168; Whiteness ISO D65 / 10% 105-112; White ISO C / 2% 95-99; opacity not less than% 91, surface strength according to Dennison, not less than 14; moisture absorption Cobb 25; humidity% 4.6; paper grade must be at least C +. I'm interested in the price for 1 pack of A4 paper. Delivery will be carried out by us. We will carry out the payment only after a personal acquaintance and a visit to your factory or warehouse. Only L / $ 1 per pack of 500 sheets.

Company Info
Company Name: gz-servic Title : Contact: Vladimir
Country :Russia
Address:Kommunarov 224d Izevsk 426000 Russia
Email: Contact the Company