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Inx & Co.
Post Date: 2021-05-07 07:21:10     Expiry Date: 2021-11-07

We want rapeseed oil non-gmo at a rate of: 1st 5,000 mt, 2nd 20.000 mt, 3rd 50.000 mt and yearly 80.000mt CIF CHINA AT TARGET PRICE OF MARKET 860 US$) / TONI Payment term is a DLC VIA MT720 Please send me CI, and CONTRACT with commission of US$ 220/MT Send to
Inx & Co.
Post Date: 2021-05-07 06:54:28     Expiry Date: 2021-11-07

We need CORNED BEEF for human consumption, Specifications: QUALITY: Grade A, Halal, Minimal Fat Content, APPROVED PLANT NUMBER COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: BRAZIL We want price per can that is 300 gm, and price per MT Please send me CI, Contract, commission for: 1ST PO - 1 40FCL CIF: 1. Point Lisas p