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AdrenoCam - Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder


    Capturing extreme moments require extreme tools, that's why there's the AdrenoCam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder. Whether it's for hardcore sports or military/tactical applications, this state-of-the-art DVR will get the job done!

    Cutting edge performance
    With the AdrenoCam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder, high performance comes at a low price. Along with 720x480 color video recording at 30FPS (frames per second) and fully integrated microphone and speakers, this DVR also features H.264 video compression for near-DVD quality footage. Even better, you get a 2.5 inch LCD screen that lets you see what you're recording in real-time, as well as immediately review everything you've just recorded.

    How do you work this thing? Just connect the camera to the DVR and you are done! With the AdrenoCam, there's no need for extra power packs or connections. The camera fits securely yet comfortably on your ears to see everything you see and is super easy hook up, which means immediate operation on the field without costly delays. Along with adjustable multi-size design, you can shake, turn, move, or do whatever your extremeness needs you to!

    Great for all uses
    Slim size and weight makes the AdrenoCam the perfect choice for tactical / weapons related uses. When every gram counts, this is the choice! But better yet, while the AdrenoCam is specially designed for military, police, and security use, it's also excellent for extreme sports, hunting and paintball, as a "life camera" for your life blog, and much more! Along with its high capacity lithium battery and external memory storage (with support up to a 32GB micro SD card), you can be sure this video recorder will last as long as you do!

    The AdrenoCam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder is available now for your every need.

    At a Glance...

    • Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder
    • High quality 30FPS video with H.264 compression
    • Compact and light
    • Built-in microphone and speakers
    • Great for sports, military, or tactical applications!

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