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Trusound M-Series Turntable (With Analog To Digital Converter)


    A Time For Retrospection

    I want you to picture in your mind, a cardboard box: roughly knee high. On the outside, in hastily written black marker are the words "DO NOT THROW AWAY!"

    The box and its contents you just drove back from your mom's basement where they were sitting untouched for the past 8 years. Ever since you moved out. After college.

    And I want you to continue imagining yourself opening the box. The sunlight from the window falls partially on the uneven- colored mildewed box flap.

    The Need For Introspection

    As you push aside the crumpled newspaper and carefully extract the first LP, your lips curl to a smile as your eyes behold the sight of The Beatles crossing that oh so famous road. What an awesome album that was you say to the young man inside you. The next LP shows white light directed at a prism and the resultant spectrum created all amidst a jet black background. Pink Floyd so rules! The next LP shows the immortal Miles Davis in a warrior pose with weapon of choice -- trumpet to lips. Your mind is transported back to that weekend many, many years ago when you listened to Kind of Blue over and over again for two days straight after Shelley Rasberger broke your heart into little tiny fragments. Then in the middle of Blue and Green you had a zen moment and finally understood the immortalness of the phrase "and this too shall pass." And you started healing.

    And so it goes, each album a separate memory. Fast forward to that summer you and your dad tossing the football back and forth on the front lawn, back when your parents were still together, and John Cougar Mellencamp's little ditty about Jack and Diane was playing from inside the house. Or the time your cousin from France visited and she taught you a thing or two..."What happened to, the world we knew? When we would dream and scheme and while the time away. Yesterme. Yesteryou. Yesterday..." Sing it Stevie.

    Music is magic like that. Able to transport us back to happier times with the help of every sensual hiss and crackle that vinyl delivers.

    Finding New Direction

    As you take another sip of your JD and Coke you revel in the spell of the moment and consider how all this wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't purchased this remarkable Trusound M-Series Turntable. One fifth the price of other turntables, but double the functionality...

    For along with its ability to play 33, 45, and even 78 rpm vinyl, this amazing record player allows you to effortlessly with the press of button, rip those LP tracks directly to MP3 format so you can play them on your iPod or other MP3 player.

    The Trusound M-Series Turntable is the perfect way to reward yourself for being an adult. Alternatively buy it so your children don't lose their connection with the past. Or give it to your parents so they can listen to Nat King Cole or Sam Cooke together and be young again.

    Designed with passion and manufactured with precision, The Trusound M-Series Turntable offers respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. We cordially invite you to reserve yours today.

    At a Glance...

    • Plays 33, 45, and 78 rpm LP's
    • Reverse playing functionality too
    • Record straight to USB drive or SD card
    • Record to PC
    • Light and portable
    • Slip mat included

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