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MediaMax - Multimedia Mini Projector (SD Card + USB)


    If you are searching for the best value for money mini projector without sacrificing on quality and performance, then the MediaMax Multmedia Mini Projector is exactly what you need! This new Multimedia Mini Projector is our most versatile projector with vibrant color and sharp image qualities, with support for VGA, USB, S-Video and AV input, as well as SD card and USB flash drive connectivity.

    The MediaMax Multimedia Mini Projector is truly a class of its own with massive 50 ANSI lumen of brightness, which is bright enough for viewing even under normal lighting conditions. Furthermore, it also uses the latest LCOS technology in 800x600 native resolution to deliver astounding, true-to-life images of up to 120 inches from any source.

    When other projectors can only support one or two types of inputs, MediaMax is able to support all four of the most popular input types, and provides endless opportunities for you:

    • VGA: you can use the mini projector instead of your normal computer monitor
    • USB display: to easily turn the 8 inch screen of your Laptop/Notebook into an 80 inch projection
    • S-Video: for DVDs, Gaming Consoles, Media Tanks,
    • Composite AV: Cameras, Video Camera, Cellphones and iPhones

    To make life even easier for you, the MediaMax Multimedia Mini Projector has included an integrated SD card and USB thumb drive connectivity, so you don't even need a computer or other source to view your presentation, photos, video, or other media. Simply plug and play!

    At size of only 13cm x 12cm x 4cm and weight of less than 1 lb, the MediaMax Multimedia Mini Projector can be easily packed into your suitcase or laptop bag. Business people, lectures, demonstrators and anyone who is always on the go will greatly appreciate this ultra-portable, but amazingly powerful mini projector that can be used in any professional environment.

    So why spend over $1000 on a new large screen TV or $500 more on a "branded" mini projector when the Mediamax Multimedia Mini Projector will meet all your needs at a fraction of what others cost? Why wait to enjoy the beauty of this Multimedia Mini Projector, order today and we'll ship it out tomorrow!

    At Glance...

    • Super bright 50 ANSI Lumens
    • 800 x 600 Native Resolution
    • Excellent text clarity and contrast
    • LCoS chip for brighter colors and better resolution
    • 4 different inputs: VGA, S-Video, Composite AV, USB display
    • Excellent build quality and unique design
    • Built in media player for videos, pictures and music

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