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Security Camera DVR Kit (4 Surveillance Camera + Recorder Set B)


    Full Surveillance DVR kit complete with four Night Vision Security Cameras and 500GB hard drive for video recording. This is the ultimate security camera kit to create your own safety zone. This high quality kit set contains everything you need to setup a CCTV security system at your home or office and it even has internet connectivity for remote access.

    This complete home/small business/office surveillance kit set contains:

    • 4 Cameras: These are high quality night vision IR CCTV cameras with 1/4 inch Sharp CCD lens that have high quality image and wide viewing angle. With aircraft grade aluminum construction and sliding hood, these waterproof cameras are design to stand up again snow, dust and rain. The intelligent design light sensor in the security cameras will automatically turn on the 12 infrared (IR) night vision LED's when darkness arrives.
    • DVR Unit: Runs on a stable embedded LINUX sytem and a pre-installed 500GB SATA HDD to record up to 500 hours of surveillance footage, this DVR is ready to start using as soon as you take it out of the package! You can connect the DVR to your monitor and watch the surveillance video(you can choose any camera or have 4 of them on screen simultaneously!) on site or program the unit to record with motion sensor ability. It even comes with a full featured remote controller.
    • Complete Package: We wouldn't call it a full set if you have to buy extra parts. With the CVNH-I40 everything is included!
      - Cables: Normal security cameras come with 2 or 3 meters cable, whereas we are giving out 4 rolls of 18 meter weatherproof cables as part of this set.
      - Mounting Brackets: 4 of them, with light weight durable metal construction. Each has two joints with steel bearing and 360 degrees full rotation so that you can point your cameras to any direction you want.
      - Power adaptors: 1 for the DVR unit and 4 for each security camera.

    A complete CCTV security system is one that you have around-the-clock and around-the-globe accessibility, and this is exactly what the I40 Surveillance DVR kit offers you. How? when you connect the DVR unit to the Internet you can control it from anywhere around the world. Whether you are just out having lunch at mcDonalds or flying half way around the world to attend a business meeting, simply open up your IE browser, you can instantly see who is climbing into your backyard, and also command your security system to capture still images, record video, setup sensor recording, etc. The DVR unit has system auto recovery feature, which will let you continue your video surveillance after a sudden power failure without having to setup the network parameters again.

    Call to Action: Low price, high quality, and immediate shipment, this item is great for security product retail stores, small business or high-end home security system installers, or general security and surveillance resellers. No matter the customer, this Security Camera + DVR Kit - 4 Cameras and Video Surveillance Recorder has everything you need for your personal/business security. Don't delay, immediately make your home and business more secure with a system designed for both the "average guy" as well as the "expert" to use. Enjoy peace of mind, add this to your cart now.

    At Glance...

    • New standard for DVR with high performance and competitive price
    • 1/4 SHARP 420TVL Lens with 12 IR LED
    • Real time live display up to 4 cameras
    • 24/7 Security with automatic night vision switch
    • Smart video detection: Motion Detecting, Video Loss
    • Network connection with IE browser view

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