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Spy IP Camera (PTZ + Motion Detect + Audio)


    Spy IP Camera with Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), motion detection, and even records audio on top of great quality video...not only can you spy on people, now you can spy on people from anywhere in the world!

    If James Bond were a wizard class hacker he'd totally use the i52 Spy IP Camera for all his surveillance needs. Place this spy ip camera anywhere in your room - hidden between the teddy bears on the shelf or between your CD collection. Then use the Pan Tilt Zoom function to see everything the camera sees!

    The I52 Spy IP Camera lets you view, stream, and even record from another room, another building, or even another country because it works with your computer's networking system to support LAN, Intranet, and even Internet monitoring.

    But there's more. To extend the power of this amazing Spy IP Camera we gave it motion detection functionality and email alerts. The benefit to you - if something moves, the Spy IP Camera detects it and instantly notifies you by email. Awesome huh?

    At a Glance...

    • Access camera output from anywhere on the Web
    • Record audio and video footage
    • Video surveillance with audio from the comfort of your chair (or anywhere!)
    • Angle control and motion detection
    • Email alerts
    • Unique design that allows it to be hung on the wall
    • 30 frames per second video!

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