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Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Wall + Charging Station


    This clever futuristic robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically clean your floors and recharges its power without you ever having to lift a finger. Just program it to sweep and vacuum your floors when you are away so you always come back to a clean home.

    The robot vacuum cleaner effectively picks up dirt, debris, pet hair and dust from carpets, wooden floors, marble floors and nylon flooring. The robot vacuum cleaner first sweeps up your floor with the installed counter rotating bristle brushes and beater brush that work together like a dust pan and broom. The sturdy bristle brush digs deep into the carpet fibers to drag dirt, debris, dust and much more out of those hard to reach areas. Then the powerful vacuum sucks all that nasty accumulated dirt into the bin leaving your floors and carpets extra clean.

    Are you always busy with work and never seem to have the time to vacuum you floors regularly? Then we have the solution for you. With this robot vacuum cleaner you can simply program it to clean at a desired time. This robot vacuum cleaner will not get stuck in corners or fall down the stairs. When faced with obstacles or a surface edge it will simply turn around and continue its primary directive, which is to clean.

    Not only does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner intelligently redirect itself after hitting walls or obstacles, but it also comes with one (IR) infrared virtual wall so you can limit where the robot vacuum cleaner can go. The virtual wall emits a straight infrared beam which will act as a wall, the sensors onboard the robot vacuum cleaner will then detect the IR emitted from the virtual wall unit and will not pass the IR sensor. This is great if you want to keep it away from your home entertainment unit or keep it from wandering into the next room.

    The Robot Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a universal (220V) charging station. The charger station can easily be placed at any suitable location that is convenient for the robot vacuum cleaner to detect. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically make its way to the charging station to recharge when it starts to run low on power.

    That's it! This is the future happening right now, soon robots will do our chores for us, and then we just kick back, relax and open a cold one. This new item is in stock in our warehouse right now and available to you at a factory direct wholesale price. Order yours today and next week your new robot can be cleaning your home while you are watching the game at the pub.

    At a Glance...

    • Auto Cleans
    • Auto Recharges
    • Effective and powerful
    • Virtual Wall Unit included
    • Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • Cleans both wooden and carpeted floors
    • Excellent for busy people always on the go

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