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4.5 Inch Portable GPS Navigator + ISDB-T Digital TV


    The first ever GPS Navigator with ISDB-T digital TV is here! Be the first person in your neighborhood to own this new cutting-edge device. This amazing portable GPS navigator is much more than just a simple navigation device...

    To Infinity and Beyond
    Sure, this portable GPS Navigator will simplify your life by getting you to your destination stress-free and on-time, but the G161 goes three steps further by providing you with true ISDB-T digital TV reception! This means hours and hours of endless high definition entertainment streamed directly to the palm of your hands with this easy to use portable navigation device. In addition, the G161 offers full audio, video, and picture playback, transforming this navigation system into an all-in-one portable media player and navigation center with Digital TV!

    Easy, Convenient and Fully Compatible
    The G161 is fully compatible with all major GPS software and is extremely simple to use. Just insert a SD card with your favorite GPS software like Tom Tom or iGO, then select the "GPS" icon from the main menu , you are now ready to start using full GPS navigation capabilities within seconds. You can even pre-load all your maps onto this device so when you enter an unknown area that lacks a GPS signal you can still find the right direction every time. GPS navigation is safe, easy and convenient with the G161.

    Top Grade Components
    The touch screen of the G161 is fast and responsive and produces clear vibrant images that are perfect for watching movies with. The build quality of this GPS navigator is also more than you would expect from an average hand-held media device. This is because the G161 is built with durability in mind, giving you a fully rugged design that you can easily take with you wherever you go. So whether its exploring a new trail, hiking an unknown route, or driving to a new destination, with this unit you will never deal with the stress of loosing your direction again.

    Perfect for Personal or Resale Use
    Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big enough to operate comfortably in your car, the G161 finds the perfect balance between device size and functionality. With its convenient design, robust build quality, and fully functional entertainment features, the G161 is sure to become a hot seller this coming year. Buy this product in single piece for personal use, or bulk orders for the perfect resale item. This 4.5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator + ISDB-T Digital TV is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Brought to you by the leader in innovative electronics, Cfactory!

    At a Glance...

    • Supports all of today’s popular GPS navigation software
    • Comes with car mounting accessories and car charger
    • Fully functional ISDB-T Digital TV receiver
    • Comes with 2GB of internal memory
    • Photo viewer & eBook reader
    • Durable design for outdoor use
    • Plays MP3 & MP4 media files
    • Easily fits in your pocket
    • Slim design & portable
    • Loud built-in speaker

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