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USB Digital Microscope (1.3MP, 200x Magnification)


    View objects up to 200x closer with this high magnification Digital Microscope. Also allows video recording and picture capture to your computer.

    This USB Digital Microscope is a fully functional magnification tool that plugs directly into a computer for up to a 200x magnified view of objects. This allows you to see even the smallest of details, in high definition, directly on your computer screen. Details like individual strands of hair or even the fine scratches on a collectible coin that would be impossible to detect with the naked eye, can easily be viewed by this amazing USB digital microscope.

    In addition, as you are looking at the magnified objects through this USB Digital Microscope, you can take either 1.3 mega pixel photos, or 1.3 mega pixel AVI video clips for storage and later viewing. All of this is possible due to the user friendly and powerful computer software that comes packaged with each purchase. As an added bonus, this high end Digital Microscope gets its power directly from the USB port, meaning that you never have to worry about batteries.

    This USB Digital Microscope is the perfect item for use in the fields of medicine, education, textile, jewelery, or just for plain fun. Available in our warehouse right now, order today and we'll express ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in China Electronics - Cfactory.

    At a Glance...

    • Powerful 200x Zoom
    • Extremely detailed images
    • Dynamic 1.3 megapixel image sensor
    • Excellent wholesale price for resale market
    • Easy to use software for both professionals and amateurs

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