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3-in-1 Wine Accessories Kit

( Ginfax Electronics Technology Ltd. )

3-in-1 Wine Accessories Kit

  • Model:EF5070
  • Product Approvals:None
  • Capable:None
  • Brief Description:3-in-1 Wine Accessories Kit(Foil cutter + Opener + Preserver)- Innovative 3-in-1 design
  • Medium Material: Others
  • With Accessories or Not: No
  • Construction: Others
  • Voltage: Others
  • Body Materials: ABS, Others
  • Installation: Others


Key Specification

3-in-1 Wine Accessories Kit
(Foil cutter + Opener + Preserver)

- Innovative 3-in-1 design

- Compact size for easy carrying
- Vertical design for easy storage
- with 2 seperate stoppers
- Stoppers with Date Dial function, recording date of preserving

·Wine preserver function
1. Use the wine stopper to seal the opened wine bottle;
2. Remove the transparent cover of the pump, then put it upright on the stopper;
3. Pump out the air of the bottle to make the bottle vacuum;
4. Remove pump and keep the stopper in the bottle to seal it.
·Bottle opener function
1. Use the foil cutter to cut the foil cover;
2. Install the needle according to the manual;
3. Place the needle into the middle of cork;
4. Pump air into the bottle by lifting and lowering the handle until the cork slides out of the bottle.

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