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Care vibrating eye massager

( Li-Tek Biologic Cosmetics )

Basic Specification

Current Type Inverter
Colour Warm white
Body Materials ABS
Frequency 50HZ
Voltage 1.5V
With Accessories or Not No

Detail Description

The massager is a extraordinary personal care kit designed for daily use, by integrating red photon light, micro-vibration and galvanic ion, it is capable of caring for the health of the face, eyes, scalp and hair. It is easy for you to keep charming with your beautiful hair and healthy shinning face by using its powerful function. The massaging kit not only stylish, sophisticate, but also ease to use. In a word, the kit is a perfect solution for your every personal care.


High in workmanship

Luxury workmanship, delicate and sophisticated design, gentle and beautiful art creation with fashionable quality;


Multi-functions integrated

Integrated with low frequency massage and negative ion importing technology, empower your vulnerable skin. Plus the red photon light care for the facial massager, make the kit more comprehensive in skin care.


Select material and components

Selected material and thoughtful design, free to use with any type of skin and skin care essence.


Safe and ease to use

Ease to use and safe to use, collaborated with intelligent power management, build in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, convenient for you to do massage anytime and anywhere.


Product Specifications

Micro-vibration Frequency:130/200Hz

Working Voltage:3.7V

Wave length of red light:630+/-10nm

Power supply:Lithium-polymer battery

Battery volume:300mAh

Use time:5hours


Applied area:Eye area/scalp/Face


630nm Red light: In many medical studies, the red light is capable of penetrating deeply into the dermis layer and stimulates the renewal of fibroblast and the production of collagen and glycogen, restoring skin elasticity and smoothness.


Negative ion helps to import essence into skin

The massager can generate negative ion by its build-in high-tech component, and charged the essence component into powered water-solubility status. The essence will be pressed into the deep layer of skin by the like charge on the massager and helps to enhance absorption. The effect is incredible as the active ingredient is absorbed even using daily skin care product.


Bio-micro current technology, activate cells and promote rebirth of new skin.

The micro current chip will automatically start up when your hand touch circuit pieces. It activates the skin cell and stimulates the increase of collagen, improve the skin elasticity and remove wrinkles.


Low frequency vibration technology accelerates micro circulation.

There is a low frequency vibrator inside the massager, which produce 200 times vibration every second, the vibration empower the circulation of lymph, carry more nutrition and take away toxic material, thus improve the complexion and whitening the skin .

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