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Ionic Eye Beauty electric massage

( Li-Tek Biologic Cosmetics )

Basic Specification

Power 0.1W
Weight 24g
Applied area Eye area
Frequency 200HZ
Current Type AC
Colour Full-color
Frequency Others
Body Materials ABS
Voltage 1.5V
With Accessories or Not No

Detail Description

This beauty instrument adopts advanced RF wave technology which specialized in face care with painless and no trauma. It transmits RF wave into dermis layer and increasing temperature for dermis layer to stimulate fibroblast and re-build collagen to tighten your skin. It will promote metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and exclude facial toxin and redundant water under a long-term use. The high temperature of the dermis also can burn fat to reshape the face outline, eliminate pouch, black circle and wrinkles of your eyes, which will bring back an eternal your face for you.





  1. Voltage?220V

  2. Power?30W

  3. Suitable users: 25years~60years old

  4. Dimension?285mmX105mm

  5. Accessories: RF facial probe, import cream

  6. RF frequency: 200K


10 miraculous functions for face

  1. Stimulating lymph circulation

  2. Removing double chin

  3. Eliminating eye pouch, black eye circle

  4. Lifting canthus

  5. Shrinking pores

  6. Relieving bitter wrinkle and expression wrinkle

  7. Removing edema and dark yellow skin

  8. Lifting outline, removing puffy face

  9. Increasing skin elasticity

  10. Resisting wrinkle



10 miraculous functions:

No pain care technology, more safe and efficient;

Be suitable for home use and beauty salon, light and fashionable


Enhancing skin defense ability, strengthening absorption of basic collagen

Relieving tiny wrinkles, tightening face, shrinking pores;


Missing collagen, accelerating skin ageing


Rapidly producing collagen, eliminating rough skin.


Big pores, vigorous fat secretion


Shrinking pores, balancing fat secretion


Shrinking flabby skin, enhancing skin elasticity;


Activating skin cells, relieving spots and whitening skin;


Burning fat, reshaping face outline;


Removing eye pouch, black eye circle and wrinkles;


Treatment effect, give you a surprise!


After treatment, you will timely see obvious facial lifting, clear outline, fade dark yellow skin, bright and white skin, double chin, bitter wrinkle, eye pouch and wrinkle have been improved obviously.

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