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8GB Digital Spy Pen with Image Capture and Video Recording


    Write and spy in style with this spy surveillance gadget that has both video recording and image capture. Built with the highest quality internal micro-chip components, the CVMV-I36 Digital Spy Pen with Image Capture and Video Recording allows for straight to AVI recording at a higher resolution than most spy pens on the market today.

    This digital pocket video recorder is beautifully presented and framed with a classy, gloss black exterior. Designed to look and work as a fully-functioning business pen, it is actually a DV camera for recording motion video or to capture still photographs of unsuspecting people. This model also comes with auto sound detection that records audio and video. With its deceptively normal exterior, this is the perfect blend of modern technology and conventional stationery for all aspiring secret agents.

    Easy to use and practical, this is an elegant and compact pen designed with portability in mind so it fits unobtrusively anywhere. This Spy Pen would be perfect for those working within business, education, HR, security, media, press relations, tourism and many other areas. This is a truly flexible and desirable item that can be used by anybody, anywhere! Place it on your desk, on a shelf, or in your shirt pocket - it is the perfect covert device.

    Designed to encompass a massive spacious capacity of 8GB flash memory, that lets you record hours of business meetings or interesting events on the sly. This amazing spy pen can also be used as a standard USB memory stick to conveniently transport your important computer files. The CVMA-I36 is in stock now for your single piece or stock orders and is available exclusively from the number one wholesale source for surveillance cameras,
    At a Glance...

    • DV Camcorder Spy Pen
    • AVI file encoding on-the-fly
    • Takes digital video and still camera images
    • Dual function as storage medium and a standard USB memory stick

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