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1080P HD Camcorder (10x Optical Zoom, Pre-Record, Motion Detect)


    Introducing our newest top of the line full HD 1080P Camcorder, with features including pre-record, motion detection, 10x optical zoom, HDMI out, and so much more!

    The DV49 1080P HD Camcorder is the first factory direct full HD camcorder to offer: pre-record, motion detection, 3 inch touch-screen, HDMI output, 10MP sensor, 1080P resolution and 16MP still photo capture, all in one hand-held 1080P HD camcorder. The DV49 high definition camcorder is easy enough for the whole family to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy independent video producers or video enthusiast. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing HD camcorder…

    Full HD
    The image quality from the DV49 is, simply put, breathtaking! The HD videos are so crisp, colorful, and vivid, that you will sometimes feel as if you are actually there! This is because the DV49 uses a dynamic 10MP (megapixel) image sensor with a native resolution of 1920x1080. This is the same video resolution used to create documentaries such as Discovery channel’s Planet Earth as well as the hit TV series American Idol.

    When the pre record function is turned ON, the DV49 will record video for a full three seconds before you even press the REC button! This is the first time this amazing technology has been introduced to the consumer market. This important feature will ensure you always capture those spontaneous moments you didn’t see coming-- as well as provide you with the often forgotten “pre roll” time you will need for video editing.

    10X Optical Zoom aka “True Zoom”
    The DV49 comes with 10x optical zoom so you can capture subjects in perfect clarity from far away-- such as small birds in a tree or people hiking to the top of a mountain. The optical zoom does NOT degrade the image quality like a digital zoom will do, so don’t be fooled by large digital zoom numbers, in the real world, optical zoom is what really matters!

    Motion Detection Recording
    This is a great way to turn your DV49 into an all-in-one HD security system. Just place it in your bedroom or behind some books in your office and it will automatically record any moving object within the picture frame. This is the perfect way to catch unsuspecting intruders or criminals in the act— or, to simply record yourself without having to press the RECORD button every time.

    Additional Features
    Additional features include: image stabilization for people with shaky hands, smooth slow motion recording to capture details such as individual rain drops or subtle facial expressions, and time lapse to record long events at a much slower frame rate (1, 3 or 5 frames per second). This will give you that artistic effect where the sun sets in less than a minute, or a flower blossoms in just a matter of seconds!

    If you’re in the market for a HD camcorder and want one with stunningly gorgeous video quality and professional features such as pre-record and 10X optical zoom, then the DV49 is the right camera for you. The DV49 is currently in stock and ready for single piece or bulk orders. If you order now we will ship it out within 24 hours.

    At a Glance...

    • Pre-Record Function
    • 1080P Video Resolution
    • 10 Megapixel Video Sensor
    • Beautiful 16MP Still Photos
    • 3 Inch Touchscreen Viewfinder
    • Electronic Image Stabilization
    • Motion Detection Record Feature
    • HDMI output directly to your HDTV
    • Records directly to AVI Files (H.264)
    • Slow Motion and Time Lapse Feature
    • Uses SD and SDHC cards (up to 32 GB)
    • Similar to the original DV41, but at a much cheaper price!

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