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Multimedia Projector with DVD Player + TV + HDMI


    Multimedia Projector with DVD Player + TV + HDMI. An incredible digital media projector, the CVGI-E28 offers an unbeatable mix of multimedia functionality with its high quality video projection plus region-free DVD player along with a built-in analog TV receiver .

    With an impressive image size capability and display brightness, this Multimedia Projector provides rich colors and vibrant image clarity for classroom, home and work use to deliver a superb multimedia viewing experience for every occasion. Using a handy VGA input, this flexible unit is perfect for use in conjunction with laptops, netbooks or notebooks. Deliver your presentations in style and with convenience in a number of settings (office, conference rooms, classrooms, etc.).

    When you are not working, the CVGI-E28 will immerse you in an exciting world of digital entertainment. Capable of projecting crystal clear screens up to 2m in size, you can use the HDMI, S-Video and AV connections to indulge in cinematic entertainment and high-intensity gaming right in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy your favorite movies in the size fitting the king of the house - you!

    The CVGI-E28 is an incredible multimedia tour de force, equally adept at helping you deliver the perfect presentation at the workplace or capturing your imagination at home with its multimedia entertainment options. Enjoy all your favorite digital media with your family and friends, while making the most of special occasions like parties with you as the perfect host. Capable of being a substitute for a large screen TV, this fully-featured projector truly offers you a world of digital possibilities. Order yours now and start enjoying big screen entertainment next weekend!

    At a Glance...

    • Multimedia Projector with DVD Player + TV + HDMI
    • Region-free DVD Player
    • Built-in Analog TV Receiver
    • Perfect for enjoying with family and friends

    Important Note: This multimedia projector has input modes and connections for many devices. See the detailed product notes below in how to get the best performance from your new home video system.

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: Multimedia Projector
    • Projection Size: 350cm Maximum
    • Projection Distance: 425cm Maximum
    • System Setup Options:
      - TV System - PAL / NTSC / Auto
      - Power Resume
      - Password Set UP
      - Parental Rating Set Up
      - Factory Reset
    • Language Setup Options:
      - OSD Language
      - Audio Language
      - Subtitle Language
      - Menu Language
    • Video Set Up
      - Brightness
      - Contrast
      - Hue
      - Saturation
      - Sharpness
    • Speaker Set Up
      - DOWNMIX - LT/RT, Stereo, VSS, 5.1CH
      - Subwoofer - ON/OFF
      - Center Delay
      - Rear Delay
      - Front - Large, Small
    • Digital Setup
      - OP Mode - Line Out, RF Remote
      - Dynamic Range - OFF, 2/8, 4/8, 6/8, FULL
      - Dual Mono - Stereo, Mono L, Mono R, MIX Mono
    • Native Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA)
    • Display Mode: 4:3, 16:9
    • Audio Output: 3W x 2
    • Noise Output: <45dB
    • Lamp Power: 30 WATT LED Beam Projection Lamp
    • Light Output: 1,200 lumens (LM)
    • Life expectancy of lamp: 20,000 hours (approx.)
    • On Board Buttons:
      - Power ON/OFF
      - DVD Eject Button
      - Projector Focus Dial
      - Tilt Screen UP/Down Dial
      - Volume -
      - Volume +
      - TV Menu
      - Source - Select & Choose Either, DVD / TV / VGA / AV / S-Video / HDMI
      - Play/Pause
      - Stop
      - UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT Navigation (OSD Control Only)
      - Setup
      - 4:3 / 16:9
      - Fast Forward/Rewind (Press Once) Skip Scene (HOLD DOWN)
    • TV Tuner Menu
      - Color - Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
      - OSD - Language, V Position, H Position, Transparent ON/OFF
      - TV - Channel, Analog TV Standard, Auto Search, Manual Search, Tuning, Skip ON/OFF
      - Function - Factory Reset, Sleep Function, Blue Screen, Rotate ON/OFF, Sharpness
      - Analog TV Standards - NTSC M, PAL M, PAL BG, PAL I, PAL DK, PAL N
    • Inputs:
      - Power IN (100-240V, 50/60hz)
      - DVD Disc
      - HDMI
      - USB
      - SD/MMC
      - HDMI
      - Analog TV Antenna Input
      - Component Video (RCA) IN
      - Component Video (RCA) OUT
      - VGA
      - 3.5mm Audio IN
      - 3.5mm Headphone Port
      - Coaxial
      - S-Video
    • Dimensions (mm): L:265 x W:265 x H:80
    • OSD Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese
    • Manufacturer Ref: DN8KQCVIOA1U


    Product Notes

    • This multimedia projector has many input modes. If you get a blue screen when you start up the projector, that probably means you are in VGA mode or a video mode without a current input. Changing to the proper input mode will allow you to see your video.
    • Source - Select & Choose Either, DVD / TV / VGA / AV / S-Video / HDMI
    • Audio Set Up: Audio Out - SPDIF/OFF, SPDIF/RAW, SPDIF/PCM
    • Maximum screen brightness is achieved at 3M setback on white or light colored wall
    • Automatic cool down to prolong lamp life
    • Sleep function with timer
    • Picture adjustments via menu


    Package Contents

    • Model CVGI-E28 Multimedia Projector with TV DVD HDMI
    • Power Cable
    • Remote Control for Projector
    • AV Cable (RCA - red, white, yellow)
    • User Manual - English

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