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Clothes Hanger HD Spy Camera with Motion Detection (Micro SD)


    No-one will ever suspect they are being secretly recorded!

    This wall mountable clothes hanger looks and works just like an ordinary clothes hanger, but hidden within is a high resolution pinhole video camera. This allows you to confidently capture hidden video without worrying that anyone will ever know.

    Capture Every Movement

    The I96 comes with motion-detection activated recording. Just leave the device ON and the I96 will automatically record only when movement is detected. This is the best way to catch people snooping around your office, a burglar in the act or maybe (but hopefully not) your partner cheating on you.

    High Definition Video

    Record high definition .AVI video files directly to a micro SD card (FREE 2GB) at 1280x960 resolution 30FPS. Put simply, the I96 is capable of capturing the fine details such as skin tone, eye color and facial features with the clarity you’d expect from a full-size surveillance camera.

    Place this spy hook in your bedroom, living room or office then review the captured video at the end of the day. What you find may surprise you! Make sure you order now while supplies still last and we’ll express ship your order out within 24 hours and even back the I96 with our full one year warranty.

    At a Glance...

    • HD Spy Camera Clothes Hanger with 2Gb TF Card
    • Records audio & video
    • Motion detection recording
    • Virtually undetectable pinhole lens
    • Fully functioning wall mount clothes hanger
    • Saves beautiful 1280 x 960 30FPS video to micro SD card

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