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Spy Camera Alarm Clock (Motion Detection + 4GB Memory)


    Quite honestly one of the best products we've seen in a long time for being easy to use and ultra useful. It's a remarkable alarm clock with a spy camera hidden inside! Better yet, it even comes with a tiny remote control so you can manually start and stop recording or snap covert photos on the fly. Better yet, set it to motion detection mode so even if you're not there, it's your eyes and ears!

    Amazingly Easy To Use: On the surface, it's a faux wood finish alarm clock. Very ordinary - like something your aunt Bessie got you during your first year in college. But looks are deceiving. This isn't just a clock with a hidden spy camera - it's a grade A security system! Point the remote control at the clock and press the red power button once. The spy camera is now ON and in ready mode. Now press the black camcorder icon. High definition videorecording has just begun. Press the button again, recording has stopped. Press the black camera icon. You've just taken a photo. Finally, press the black icon that shows a man in front of a camera. That's motion detection. Press it once. Motion detect has been activated. Anything that passes in front of the clock will start the camcorder.

    Take A Look At These Amazing Numbers: This amazing gizmo takes 30 frames per second videos in the popular AVI format! Better yet video resolution is 1281 x 960 pixels! It records audio at 192kb/s quality. It takes 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution photos, which is an astounding 2 megapixels! It also comes with a free 4GB TF microSD card. Recorded videos generate roughly 35MB of footage each minute, so you'll be able to save hours of high quality spy video on this number 1 alarm clock hidden spy camera. Amazing huh?

    So what are you waiting for? Click add to cart today and by tomorrow your order will be on its way! Brought to you by the leader in online wholesale China electronics - Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    • Real alarm clock
    • Hidden spy camera
    • Remote control
    • Motion Detection
    • Free 4GB TF microSD card!
    • 30fps AVI video format
    • 1281 x 960 video resolution

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