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Paris - Digital Camcorder w/ Face Detection, 8x Zoom (Pink)


    Say hello to Paris, the newest digital video camera on the block. With spec features like a 5 megapixel camera, 8x digital zoom and face detection, it's perfect for those who want an amazing amateur camcorder, but want to buy it at a direct from the factory budget price.

    Have you always wanted to try out photography? Are you sick of using your cell phone's small camera to record videos? Were you put off because of all the expensive digital video cameras that are crammed with features that you'll never need? The solution has arrived. Meet the latest DV Camera for the average girl, Paris. Aside from the extremely affordable price and being the best budget camcorder on the market, here are a few more reasons you shouldn't pass up this amazing deal:

    • Multiple uses: Paris comes with a USB/AV cable, which means 4 things:
      1) You can use it as a mass storage device to instantly transfer the camera's computer-friendly videos and photos onto your desktop.
      2) The AV out cable allows the camcorder's video to be transmitted directly onto the big screen. Where else can you show off your amazing footage other than on your 50 inch flat screen TV.
      3) Connect Paris to a printer using the USB cable in exactly the same way as you would connect to a PC for direct printing. No software, no drivers, no hassle.
      4) Paris can be set as a PC camera to act as a high-quality, mobile webcam. Allow others to see every detail of you in clear 640x480 format. What better way to video chat or record videos of yourself?

    • Face detection: Paris's face detection functionality will provide amazingly clear and sharp images of a person's face. If you need every picture to perfectly capture all your expressions, then look no further.

    • Comfortable grip: Paris' palm grip comes in a fully rubberized tactile for a smooth and comfortable feeling. No sweaty palms, no dry- skin feeling, in fact it feels so good you won't want to put it down!

    • Complete audio and video unit: With Paris' built-in mic and speakers, you can record yourself while singing and let the world know who the next Madonna is. Check the video directly from the digital video camera and record again if you're not completely satisfied. For the more shy ones, leave them guessing by switching to voice only recording.

    Don't delay, Paris is in stock in our warehouse right now and is being offered for single piece or even better priced stock orders. Click "Add to Cart" now and we will ship it out to you tomorrow along with our famous 12-month warranty!

    At a Glance...

    • Paris - Digital Camcorder
    • Digital camcorder, digital camera, mass storage, webcam
    • Macro function for clear closeup pictures
    • Face detection
    • 8x digital zoom, 2x optical zoom
    • 5.0 Mega Pixels Sensor allowing up to 16MP interpolated
    • Comes with advanced PC software for photo/video editing

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