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iRadio - Portable DAB/FM Radio with Alarm Clock Function


    The iRadio is an attractive and highly practical DAB radio. It produces crystal clear and vibrant sounds with the build quality to match. One look, one touch, from the minute you use it, you'll know that the iRadio is one well manufactured product.

    What is DAB?: DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, and it's the standard by which many countries around the world broadcast amazingly clear and free digital radio! The benefit to you is better radio programming for you, whether you're into music, live talk shows, news, or even radio plays, the iRadio is your choice for tons of choice when it comes to audio pleasure. Most importantly, you can get everything you crave in your own language!

    iLove iRadio: Besides looking great and being so easy to use, the iRadio gives you a host of listening features like 4 presets to make your favourite station instantly accessible and it even comes with an alarm clock so you can start every day right --- listening to your favorite sounds.

    Elegant and durable, you're going to make a lot of profits reselling The iRadio in your physical or online store. Add to cart right away before stock runs out! Order today and we'll ship it out within 24-hours! Another innovative electronic device from the leaders in online direct from China awesomeness - Chinafactory.

    At a Glance...

    • DAB receiver
    • Alarm Clock function
    • 4 Presets for your favourite station
    • Auto program search
    • Attractive, durable
    • Auto date update
    • Perfect resale item

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