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Media Mogul - MP6 Player with 3.5 Inch Touchscreen + DVB-T


    What is a Media Mogul? It's a truly complete digital media player that handles MP3 + MP4 + MP5 + MP6 functions like a pro! With features such as native playback of AVI, RMVB, FLAC, DIVX plus many other popular formats, DVB-T reception (yes it's got a built-in digital TV receiver), a crystal clear 3.5 inch touchscreen display, and 8GB internal memory, The Media Mogul emphasizes design and functionality and is the perfect portable entertainment unit for anyone who demands the finest digital media experience on the go!

    Everything that anyone could possibly want in a portable digital media player is all here, including;

    • MP4 video player (supporting AVI, RMVB, MOV, DAT, DIVX, and more)
    • MP3 audio player (supporting MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, and more)
    • DVB-T digital TV built-in receiver
    • 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD
    • 8 GB internal memory
    • MicroSD slot which supports up to another 8 GB file storage
    • FM Radio with recording function
    • much, much more!

    The Media Mogul is a PMP that does more than the iPod, Zune, and all of those other "name brand" players put together! More importantly, there is no proprietary software necessary or DRM restrictions to worry about. Simply load your files onto this MP6 player like you would a USB flash drive with a simple USB connection to your computer. No iTunes software necessary!!!

    It comes with a huge 8 gigabytes of built-in flash memory so you can store all of your favorite media files, has a microSD card slot which supports another 8GB of memory which brings your potential file storage capacity up to 16 GB! The E80 handheld multimedia MP6 Player features simple one-click navigation menus and it is made of a finely detailed molded casing with a polycarb front panel to protect the inner screen. Such thoughtful details will provide you with the most satisfying user experience possible whether you are sitting on the bus or lying on the beach.

    A simple and elegant portable multimedia MP6 Player (MP3 + MP4 + MP5 = MP6) the CVMI-E80 does movies, music, digital TV, radio, photos, ebooks and more in one amazing unit. Get yours today at a low factory direct low China Wholesale Price from the leader in wholesale electronics, Chinafactory.

    At a Glance...

    • MP6 Player for audio, video, FM Radio, Ebooks and more
    • DVB-T functionality!
    • Photo viewer and sound recorder!
    • 3.5 inch high-res touchscreen display
    • AVI, DIVX, MOV, FLAC, MP3, and more
    • 8GB internal memory + support for 8 GB more via microSD card slot
    • Like the world famous Video File King MP6 Player, supports 20 file types!

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